WP5 - Sharing and Exposing Interoperable Data

The paradigm of sharing, qualified according to interoperability objective, represents the common aspect of SHELL’s activities. It allows sharing and exposition of data and actions (sharing of climate data, remote storage of data created by home) from the ecosystems of the domestic living. This sharing permits an adapted and advanced interaction Human- Robots, and the interaction of home with more organised structures (smart grid, smart communities).

These activities at first forecast an evaluation about sharing and exposition of interoperability data and actions, through:

  • the analysis of more organised structures;
  • the requirements for sharing data with these structures
  • the definition of criteria and policies for data sharing and data selection.

Policies and services for remote storage of data allow the sharing of climate data, comfort and security. There is also a prototype service that assures the correct execution of the operations.

Then the interaction with hierarchically superior structures (smart grid, smart communities) begins. The interaction analyses the state of art, the major communication protocols and the functional requirements of smart grid and smart community for the integration with home.

Moreover, there is a prototype data service of safety and security manager, of energy manger and of comfort manager. There is also a backend that emulates hierarchically superior structures of smart grid and smart communities. Once there is a perfect definition of all procedures and policies for data sharing, of Black Block Home and of storage services, functional test will be implemented.

This test will emulate interaction between home and hierarchically superior structures.

Finally, a demonstrative laboratory will be planned, to show all the developed technologies.